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​        JOE TANGO 



      Author Joe Tango has combined his love of sensual dance with a passion for writing.
In three decades as a Latin and ballroom dance instructor, the North Carolina born performer has gathered a wealth of knowledge from his predominantly female client base.

His first two books The Passionate Lover: How to Keep Your Relationship Alive and The Passionate Lover 2 Become Her Desire Joe gives his readers practical advice based on observations he has made throughout his years in the dance studio and provides guidance to couples wishing to reignite the passion in their relationship. 

For Joe, guiding his readers in the secrets of reigniting the fire in their relationship whilst staying true to his Christian ideals is vital. Now living in California he’s recently completed his third book Ballroom Dancing: Shocking True Stories From Behind The Scenes.
As the first of its kind, in this tell-all book Joe recalls personal experiences having seen what happens on and off the dance floor stage throughout the world of professional dancing.

A Must-Read for anyone who wants to catch a glimpse of the real world behind the glitter, glitz and sparkle of the sequined world of ballroom dancing.